Lucka 13

It’s a Fairycon first – a calendar entry entirely in English.

But what does it mean?

We’re excited to present to you….

…. Our first international collaboration!

Fairies and frillies, meet Yukicon!


Hejsan from Finland and thank you, Fairycon, for making this calendar exchange possible!

I’m here to tell you about a relatively new Finnish game and anime convention, Yukicon!
Yukicon has been going on for two years now, but the upcoming third time next February will be truly exciting! We’re moving to the Helsinki Conference Centre, and thus we’ll become the fourth biggest convention in Finland.

We’re very different from Fairycon in that aspect, true. But I believe we hold the same sort of values close to us, such as having fun but being considerate of others. Being in close contact with other conventions, especially conventions in other countries, helps us make better and better events in time. By what I’ve heard and seen, the Finnish convention culture and cons are very different from Swedish ones.

But what does Yukicon offer then? We value good quality lectures, panels and workshops, but we’re also doing our best in expanding our reach to non­Finnish speakers as well. With help from our friends at Fairycon, I hope we’ll be able to do just that, becoming more international.

It is said that Finns are a bit stiff and cold at first, which can be true yes, but once you get to know us we’re warm and fun to be around! The same can be said about our conventions too, I think. We value lectures and the academic approach, while it seems Swedes like to have fun and hanging around with friends. We sincerely hope to learn from you, and turn Yukicon into something that is not only running from a lecture to another.
We do have a gaming room, karaoke and dance­ and rhythm­ games, so we’re not completely hopeless! One of our latest additions is having a Pokemon­ tournament played with 3DSs, but first having the players challenge gym leaders and earn their gym badges!

Photo by: Matias Tukiainen

One of our highlights is our cosplay competition, the third Finnish preliminary for the Nordic Cosplay Championships. We like to have a flashy show and we love cosplay. The NCC­ finals last summer was also broadcast in Finland, did you know?

We’re very exited to receive some guests from the Fairycon crew, and we hope they have good time with us! Maybe sometime in the future we’ll come over to Sweden?

Photo by: Santtu Pajukanta

For more information about Yukicon, see We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

With very warm regards,
Karo “nukkelapsi” Pietilä
One of the four main organisers and the head of activities of Yukicon

We from Fairycon CREW would just like to express how grateful and excited we are to be collaborating with and learning from Yukicon.

It’s been in the talks for years that we want to find a reputeable convention to learn from and if possible, grow with. And out pops Yukicon, like a great finnish cakepop.

So yes. We’re a bit excited, can you tell?

Of course as this calendar exchange was an … exchange, that means we wrote an entry as well. If we find it, we’ll put a link in this entry, nicely visible so that you can check out how well Hannski’s brand of awkward translates into English.

EDIT: Bex is here to deliver you the link to our entry in Yukicon’s advent calendar. Watch out for lame jokes as that is one of Hannski’s special abilities. CLICK ME TO READ OUR ENTRY

//Hannski & Bex

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