Foreign visitors!

Hello, and welcome to Fairycon.
It’s nice to meet you, and we’re delighted that you’re interested in Fairycon!

“We” refers to the team of organizers behind Fairycon, and we’re called Yousei-kai. You can tell we’re official organizers if there’s a “Arrangör” on our badge. Our volunteers are called Fairies (Älvor), and together with the guests and the visitors we make up Fairycon Family!

It’s great living in a world where conventions all over the world are available to you, but it can also be sort of scary to go to a foreign country without knowing what to expect.
Thusly we decided to make things a little bit easier for you and share some crucial information in English!

The ticket includes entrance and admission to most of our programming during all three days. In true Swedish tradition the convention is open 24 hours a day and there will be activities going on throughout the night.
Do note that the Full Weekend-ticket does not guarantee you a spot in our dormitories. If you’d like for your ticket to include a guaranteed sleeping hall spot you’ll want to go for a Full Weekend + sleeping hall-ticket.
Do note that sleeping halls means “on the floor in a sleeping bag”, and if that life isnt for you, check at the end of this section!
There is no way to reserve a specific spot in a specific sleeping hall in advance, so make sure to talk to your friends or potential group and try to pick the same one when asked.
That sounds good and all, but how much is it?

FULL WEEKEND KARMA BOOST (sleeping hall included, but optional) – 260 SEK
More on Karma Boost – see “What is Karma Boost?”
ONE DAY ADMISSION – 120 SEK for Friday or Saturday, 70 SEK for Sunday

Artist Alley passes are 20 SEK a piece (a merely symbolic sum) and can be paid at your arrival to the convention. You reserve a table for the entire weekend, all three days.
Cosplay passes that you pay for do not exist at Fairycon.

As stated earlier, tickets cover most of your programming during the weekend with only a few exceptions.
Outsourced or external activities might not be covered, such as the services of a maid café. If you have questions about wether or not something is covered by your ticket or not, ask us!
Here is a short list of examples that are included:
All of our cool lectures and panels
The possibility to compete in our cosplay competition and win great prizes
Other Fun Things

Alright, so that’s good. But maybe you’re not about that sleeping bag life. Fair enough. We have plenty of hotel recommendations for varying budgets as well. There is a Scandic hotel for those of you from countries familiar with Scandic, but it’s a bit outside of town. That makes it great price-wise, but adds a 10-15 minute bus ride to the mix. Send us an email and we’ll walk you through the options and help you out.

What is Karma Boost?
Fairycon Family loves giving. It’s important to us that we can raise awareness about issues affecting the world around us and give back to our communities. Karma Boost adds 20 SEK or 60 SEK depending on if you choose to get it with a sleeping hall pass or not (one is included, but it’s optional) which we give directly to the charity chosen by Yousei-kai every year.
You get a note of thanks for your purchase of a Karma Boost ticket.

We also raise money for our charity of the year by various other methods including but not limited to donating all money we get from recycling soda cans and bottles – so please make sure to leave those in the proper recycling bins!
The charity for 2017 is Friends, a charity dealing with bullying and education on the subject. More information about the yearly project will be in the information booklet you get at the convention.

The convention opens at 11 on Friday the 21st of April, and closes at 15 on Sunday the 23rd of April. You’re expected to have vacated the sleeping halls by 14:30 and the closing ceremony will be at something like 14, so plan ahead. The cloak room will be open the entire day and you can store your things there for free.

The convention stays open during the night, and if you feel like it’s for you we can recommend staying awake during the early morning hours at least once, that’s when the true Swedish convention spirit really comes out.

Other than that, please make sure to sleep properly.

External arrangements might have different opening hours, and specific rooms might also have different operating hours. All of this will be listed in the information booklet, and most likely also on the door of any such room.

Most of our prepackaged pre-order options require a Swedish social security number. Sorry.

Pre-paying your ticket is however not impossible! If your bank allows international bank transfers, you can pay us directly.
We also accept payments by Paypal if you’re willing to pay the fees associated.
An arrangement can be set up for you if you email us in advance!

If you’re unwilling to pre-pay your ticket, you can still book it in advance to make sure that you get a sleeping hall spot. Maybe you like having everything planned out. This is done by you emailing ( us all of the information asked:
First & Last name
Social security number and country
Address (full adress)
Phone number
Email address
Anything else important we’d need to know, like a severe airborne peanut allergy

The title of the email needs to be which type of ticket you’d like to reserve, formatted like this:
The person who processes your email will tell you that your ticket will be added to a list of reserved tickets, and that you’ll need to choose the queue for people purchasing tickets rather than people who have already purchased their tickets in advance. (Don’t worry, there’ll be signs, and you can ask a staff member if you’re unsure!)
You can choose to pay either in cash or with a card. We only accept chipped cards, so if your card is magnet strip only, we ask that you prepare accordingly. More on currency and cash in that section!

If you are able to come by car – congratulations. It’ll probably take a while, but you’ll have plenty of room for your cosplays and props, right?

If that is not a possibility for you though, the airplanes are here for you. If you book your trip well in advance you can get away with it fairly cheaply, look it up on your local travel site! The local airport is called Kalmar-Öland Airport (KLR).

This airport is operated by airlines such as SAS (if you can book your entire round-trip through them that’ll make your life a lot easier!), Kalmarflyg, Sparrow Aviation and Scandjet. It’s somewhat out of the way, as airports tend to be, but there is a well frequented bus line running right outside the airport, and depending on when you arrive we might even be able to pick you up from the airport.

Depending on how far you have to travel, you might want to consider arriving the day before the convention opens, in which case we can house you in our sleeping halls free of charge that night – and don’t worry, you won’t be expected to do any convention setup! 🙂

Send us an email at if you have questions and we can figure it out together!

You can also get to Kalmar by train. Kalmar is connected directly to Gothenburg by the SJ Regional services and to Malmö and even Copenhagen by Öresundståg. You can get to Kalmar by train via Stockholm too although this includes at least one train change. You can look up pretty much every train running these lines by going to You switch to English by pressing the tiny British flag tucked away above the search bar!
IF YOU ARE COMING IN FROM COPENHAGEN – be aware of the ID controls they require as of us writing this.

If you’re coming from a Nordic country, you won’t need a passport, but do make sure you have a VALID ID and a European Health Insurance Card. They’re generally free, and grant you the same health care as a regular citizen if something were to happen to you.
Passports should not be required within the Schengen countries, but airlines usually list any special requirements so make sure to read up on the appropriate information.

Some of the bus-lines might stop running for a few hours during the night, so if you need to get back to your hotel, make sure to check ahead. There is an app called MobiTime that contains all of the time tables, tracks specific stops and tells you how much your trip will cost you. Some of the bus-lines also add exorbitant extra fees during the late hours of the night, and the app lets you know if this “Nattaxa” is added or not. If possible, avoid travelling when the nattaxa is in effect. MobiTime is available in English and Polish as well as Swedish. Staff can help you set up the app and check which lines are relevant for you.

DO NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT PAY FOR TRAIN RIDES ONCE YOU HAVE GOTTEN ON. KLT has made away entirely with cash on their buses and trains. You can pay by card on the buses, on both regional and city-wide lines.
We recommend the Reskassa-card, which is a card you fill up with money and then use to pay on buses and in the so-called Quickomats.
If you want to travel by train the Quickomat is your best option, and it accepts most chipped cards.

There are also pre-paid cards containing a specific amount of trips (typically ten), which we can help you get in advance. Send us an email, and we’ll help you explore Kalmar!

You can travel freely by bus within the city once you’ve paid for a ticket. This is called “Övergång”, and ususally gives you an hour and a half before you need to buy a new one. The time before you have to pay for a new ticket is printed on your ticket, and it should say “Senaste övergång:” and a timestamp.

Sweden is a rather English-speaker friendly place, if you need the ATM to explain something to you in English for an example, the option is there for you.
Most people speak intermediate to good English, and communication is usually not an issue. Swedish people might be a bit shy, but don’t worry, you will be understood!

Most of our programming is not available in English by default (please take a look at our upcoming programming guide), but most of the time the lecturer might be able to switch languages or even “dual-wield” languages!
A staff member will also be able to point out English-speaker friendly activities in the program if you ask. Don’t be afraid to approach the info base!

Also most of our movie, anime and dorama showings are either in English or subtitled in English.

Our information booklet will be available in English. The booklet will be handed out when you get your wristband, or available in the info base if you manage to lose it somewhere (it happens!). Staff might be a bit confused since the language versions look similar, so make sure to ask for the English version!
The booklet will contain a lot of crucial information, such as;
Maps, detailing both the convention area itself and items of interest nearby (such as a supermarket, the nearest ATM, a nearby Subway restaurant etc)
The convention rules, which you are expected to follow
Information about the programming
More in-depth information about our charity of the year
Sponsor information

If you’re an international visitor we can also offer you a cute badge which basically states that you’re an international visitor and which most staff will take as a sign to speak English to you. This is entirely optional!

Going to a foreign country might be scary, and especially if you have special dietary needs or food allergies.

And even if you don’t have any food allergies, it might just be scary to not know what to expect on the other side of the mighty border.

Sweden is a pretty decent place to be lactose intolerant or allergic to milk in. There are lots of options ranging from soy to almond to rice, and we can let you borrow a staff member who speaks English that can explain and show you around the horrifying experience that can be a grocery store in an unfamiliar country.
Gluten intolerance or celiac disease is also a somewhat well understood dietary limitation, and there are plenty of products available.

If you can read Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish it helps since these languages are often used to list ingredients on product packaging. Sometimes the information might be available in English as well, but the Nordic languages are most common.

Peanuts, nuts and citrus fruits are banned in the convention areas, including the concert venue and sleeping halls due to high allergy risk. Do not bring these things into any of our convention spaces.

The convention itself does not sell a lot of food, but we usually carry at least one variation of microwaveable food, cup noodles, grilled cheese sandwiches and the like, and we’re able to make some of it allergy friendly. We also have lighter sandwiches and fruit.
Talk to the café staff because not only are they nice, but they can also answer your questions about the things sold and served in there.

There is a Subway restaurant and a McDonalds in somewhat close proximity to the convention area, as well as a shopping complex with two large grocery stores, and various other restaurants. Also Sweden is the inofficial land of Pizza Parlours so if that is what you seek – rest assured that there are plenty of options. A staff member can help you out if you need to go on a sustenance-finding adventure.

The currency in Sweden is the Swedish Crown, shortened as SEK and referred to as the “krona”.

Sweden is very card friendly. A majority of people don’t carry or use cash at all. Being that this is a convention though, some dealers won’t be able to accept cards.
As previously stated we also cannot answer for any external services such as a maid café.

You should be somewhat prepared to witchdraw cash.
Sweden uses a safer chip-based system and magnet strips might not work everywhere.
We accept chip based cards as well as cash at the convention. The café also accepts cards.
The second hand (in Swedish, BFB) tables will likely not accept cards.

Most regular businesses also accept chipped cards, and some accept magnet strip cards.

If you have a Mastercard, VISA, Maestro or a few other select cards, you can withdraw SEK from any regular ATM for a small currency exchange fee. Check with your card issuer or bank for more information. Usually the fee is about 30 SEK, and it’s withdrawn from your balance immediately. The closest ATM is pointed out in the convention information booklet for your convenience.

If you bring a pile of cash in and want to exchange some of it for SEK, Kalmar has a FOREX Bank that exchanges currency. It’s located in the central parts of Kalmar, and you can check its location on a map here:
It’s open from 10 to 18 Mondays through Fridays and 10 to 14 on Saturdays.

Most likely your phone won’t work while in Sweden. There might be exceptions, such as how the Swedish carrier Telia made away with roaming fees and now lets all of their customers use their phones and data for the same rates as they would in Sweden while in Scandinavia and Estonia. We’re not sure if this goes for customers using Finnish carrier Sonera (twin company to Telia) though, sorry.
Ask your carrier if you’re unsure how your phone works outside of your country.

We have access to Wi-Fi at the convention area, and we will make sure to give you the password if you need it to communicate with The Homeland!
A lot of establishments in Sweden have their own Wi-Fi, even the nearby grocery store Maxi has their own Wi-Fi. You will most likely be able to find Wi-Fi somwehere!
If an emergency were to occur and you need to urgently call a relative, a phone can be provided for you.

Sweden operates in GMT+1, and uses Daylight Savings Time. That means that essentially during your visit you’ll be in GMT+2. Pretty cool.

There will be a video posted on your YouTube-channel and shared in the event about a week or two before the event that will guide you from Kalmar Station to the convention area, so do look out for that!

We expect you to read through and follow our convention rules just as well as any other attendee!
The rules can be found in English here:

The school we rent out for the convention does not allow service dogs. We’re sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to talk to us about Swedish conventions in general, send us an email at! We’re a friendly bunch 🙂

See you at Fairycon!

Warm regards,
Fairycon Family

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